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Scratch is an event-driven visual programming language developed by MIT. In Scratch, we can create our own interactive stories, games, and animations using building blocks.… Read More
The electric potential at a place in an electric field is the amount of effort required to transport a unit positive charge from infinity to… Read More
The combustion of fossil fuels such as coal and oil in industries, thermal power plants, and oil refineries, as well as petrol and diesel in… Read More
If f(x) is a function that is required to be integrated, f(x) is called the Integrand, and the integration of the function without any limits… Read More
Tyndall effect, also known as the Tyndall phenomenon, is the scattering of a light beam by a medium containing tiny suspended particles—for example, smoke or… Read More
A system was introduced to define the numbers present from negative infinity to positive infinity. The system is known as the Number system. Number system… Read More
Suspension is a heterogeneous mixture of a fluid that contains solute particles that are considerably large for the process of sedimentation. Suspensions are considered to… Read More
When a charge is moving under the influence of a magnetic field. It experiences forces, which are perpendicular to its movement. This property of charge… Read More
Force is defined as an external cause that a body experiences as a result of interacting with another body. Whenever two objects interact, a force… Read More
Distillation is a separation technique that is used to extract a mixture solid in a liquid. It is basically the process of heating the liquid… Read More
In general, almost every material and object on earth has elastic binding forces. When the body is compressed or released, these elastic forces start acting… Read More
Microsoft Word is a software tool that makes our document more attractive and beautiful with the help of different types of fonts, colors, styles, animations,… Read More
Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation of topics that allows us to create “presentation slides” that can be displayed on the computer screen or on a… Read More
When a rigid body rotates around a fixed axis, it is called rotational motion. Rotational motion can be seen almost everywhere in daily lives. From… Read More
Each and every object possesses energy. In a simple harmonic motion, the object goes to the extreme and acquires potential energy. When the object comes… Read More

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