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Microsoft Word or MS-Word (officially called word) is a graphical word processing program by Microsoft Corporation. The purpose of MS Word is to permit the… Read More
MS-Word is a word processing application that provides many powerful tools, these tools provide a great advantage to the user. It is used to create… Read More
MS-Word is a word processing application used worldwide by many users. It is also very popular because of the vast features and tools provided by… Read More
Microsoft Word or MS-Word is a Fantastic word processing program that has many features, and it is very user-friendly and interactive for the user. It… Read More
Integrals are an integral part of calculus. They represent summation, for the functions which are not as straightforward as the standard functions, integrals help us… Read More
Probability denotes the possibility of anything happening. It is a mathematical branch that deals with the occurrence of a random event. The value ranges from… Read More
Derivatives are the way of measuring the rate of change of a variable. When it comes to functions and calculus, derivatives give us a lot… Read More
Functions are like boxes or machines which take some input, do some processing on it, and throw out the output. Usually, they take input in… Read More
HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is an important language to design web pages or websites. These websites are visible to anyone on the… Read More
Cell reference is the address or name of a cell or a range of cells. It is the combination of column name and row number.… Read More
In daily conversations, people often use statements like “It might rain today” or “I will most probably pass the exam as the exam was not… Read More
Assume a fast truck collides with a stopped automobile, causing the automobile to begin moving. What exactly is going on behind the scenes? In this… Read More
The Young’s modulus is named after Thomas Young, a British physicist. The relationship between stress (force per unit area) and strain (proportional deformation in an… Read More
The concept of limits has been around for thousands of years. Earlier mathematicians in ancient civilizations used limits to approximate the area of a circle.… Read More
Surface tension is the ability of fluid surfaces to contract into the smallest possible surface area. Have you ever found that even after filling a… Read More

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