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One can think of many devices which are responsible for creating current in any given circuit. Generators, batteries, wall outlets, etc are necessary to maintain… Read More
Trigonometry is a discipline of mathematics that studies the relationships between the lengths of the sides and angles of a right-angled triangle. Trigonometric functions, also… Read More
Alternating Current and Voltages change their magnitude and direction with time. This changes the way calculations for power and other quantities are done in circuits.… Read More
Most of the time when the topic of alternating current is discussed at this level, current and voltages do not vary with time. These currents… Read More
Metals are a crucial element of our existence, even if we don’t realize it. Since the industrial era, we have had a heavy reliance on… Read More
The scientific study of chemical and biological processes that occur in natural settings is known as Environmental chemistry. It’s not to be confused with green… Read More
In physics, the atomic nucleus is the central component of an atom. It is much smaller than an atom and contains the majority of the… Read More
Acids are organic substances with acidic characteristics. Acid is also a chemical species that may react with a base to create salt and water. Strong… Read More
The environment is defined as a physical system’s surroundings, which may interact with other systems by exchanging mass and energy. All living and nonliving things… Read More
Probability is a part of mathematics that deals with the possibility of happening of the events. It is to forecast that what are the possible… Read More
Chemists have always tried to arrange the elements in a way that reflects the similarities in their properties. The elements in the modern periodic table… Read More
Atoms have an equal number of negative and positive charges. Atoms were described as a spherical cloud of positive charges with embedded electrons in Thomson’s… Read More
In statistics, for a given data distribution the mode is the value or number that occurs most frequently. It is representative of the value or… Read More
There are now 118 elements known, and studying the characteristics of all of these elements independently is quite challenging. As a result, all of the… Read More
The branch of thermodynamics deals with the process of heat exchange by the gas or the temperature of the system of the gas. This branch… Read More

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