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Algebra is a discipline of mathematics that is about the study of mathematical symbols, constants, and their operations. Algebra includes basic mathematical operations like addition,… Read More
Permutation is known as the process of organizing the group, body, or numbers in order, selecting the body or numbers from the set, is known… Read More
Elements are arranged in a periodic table row-wise and column-wise according to similarities in their chemical and physical properties. The elements in the first column… Read More
The kinetic molecular theory of gases explains a gas’s three macroscopic characteristics in terms of the microscopic nature of the gas’s atoms and molecules. The… Read More
Trapezium which is also known as the trapezoid is a closed quadrilateral, which contains a pair of parallel sides, whereas the other pair of sides… Read More
The modern periodic table is based on the law that an element’s properties are a periodic function of its atomic number. These properties are related… Read More
Nuclear energy, also known as atomic energy, is the energy released in large quantities by operations that influence atomic nuclei, the dense centres of atoms.… Read More
The physical and chemical properties of elements in the modern periodic table exhibit a consistent variation throughout periods and groups. Several properties of elements, such… Read More
Every substance has its own set of characteristics. Physical and chemical properties can be used to classify these properties. Physical properties are those that may… Read More
A current that originates in an exceeding conductor in reaction to a changing magnetic field is known as an eddy current. They circulate in tight… Read More
Semiconductors is a kind of material that has resistivity and conductivity in between metals and insulators. On the basis of purity semiconductors are of two… Read More
A Lewis acid is a molecule or ion that is capable of either donating a proton (H+) or forming a covalent bond with an electron… Read More
Algebra is the branch of mathematics that deals with the study of various symbols which represent such quantities as do not have a constant value… Read More
There are a large number of elements around us having different properties and different uses based on those properties. For using these elements, properties are… Read More
All the elements that exist in nature are arranged in a periodic table after several years of research work, these are placed in groups and… Read More

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