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Climate is the envelopment of an organism. The climate in which an organic entity lives is made up of different parts like air, water, soil,… Read More
According, to the classification done by R.H. Whittaker. All the animals have included in the biggest kingdom called an animal kingdom. All eukaryotes which are… Read More
Planning is required by all individuals, businesses, and non-business organizations. It is practised for all types of organizations small, medium and large. The primary function… Read More
A sole proprietorship is the most popular, oldest and simplest form of business organization. It is basically made up of two words, one is ‘sole’,… Read More
Planning is a blueprint of the course of action to be followed in the future. It is also a mental exercise that requires imagination, foresight,… Read More
At the time of independence, the Government of India announced agriculture to be the economy’s prime moving force. Even before and during the colonial rule,… Read More
Business transactions conducted through the internet are called online transactions. It is a payment method that aims to settle money transfers or funds settlements via… Read More
Operating profit is the profit that the company earns over a period of time from the operating activities of the business. It is also defined… Read More
In biology, cells would be membrane-bound and this would contain the basic molecules of life and is made up of which all living entities are… Read More
The term ‘relative’ is used to denote that an act is being observed in comparison to something other. Frequency is a way to calculate how… Read More
The universe is a vast and fascinating place. Our solar system is an exciting place. The solar system consists of the Sun and it’s family… Read More
Rational numbers are the numbers or fractions that can be represented in the form of x/y, where x and y are integers and y is… Read More
The depletion of flora and fauna is a result of both natural and human made causes over a course of time. Continuous exploitation and insensitivity… Read More
Poverty reduction or poverty relief, is a set of measures, both profitable and philanthropic , that are intended to permanently lift people out of poverty.… Read More
On the earth carbon is the most important backbone for all life survival. The quantity of carbon we have now on Earth is the same… Read More

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