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The process by which plants convert carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight into oxygen and energy in the form of sugar is known as photosynthesis. Autotrophic… Read More
The nucleus of an atom consists of two types of particles, positively charged particles called protons and neutrally charged particles called neutrons. Protons + Neutrons… Read More
In plants, transportation is an important process. From roots to the tips of their leaves, plants carry the water and nutrients which are required to… Read More
Organisms require energy to carry out a variety of tasks. The breakdown of different food ingredients, such as proteins, carbs, lipids, etc., produces energy. Catabolic… Read More
ATP or adenosine triphosphate provides energy to the cell or living organisms. Atp is required by the cells for different activities such as the transportation… Read More
The nervous system is the main driving force of any human being. Humans share their emotions & do different jobs with the help of the… Read More
Designing houses, complex machines, railway platforms, bridges, Dams, etc. was a tough process as all the work was done manually so to make this work… Read More
The immune system is the most essential system of our body. It not only helps to protect the creature from foreign substances. Also, it helps… Read More
Cell signaling is the process that is most significant for our small bodies. Cell signaling is the process by which an individual cell interacts with… Read More
What is Public Sector? The public sector is comprised of various organisations that are owned and managed by the government.  These organisations may be partially… Read More
What is Poverty? Poverty is a particular issue that affects many countries around the world. There can not be a universally acknowledged definition of poverty.… Read More
Business is concerned with the production and distribution of goods and services to meet demands. Finance is required by businesses to carry out many activities.… Read More
What is Business Finance? Finance is the lifeblood of any business. The mere inception of a business idea is not enough, it can only be… Read More
What is Aggregate Demand? The word aggregate in the Aggregate Demand means ‘Total’, therefore, Aggregate Demand indicates the total demand of an economy. Aggregate Demand… Read More
When the firm is reconstituted all the accumulated profit, reserves and losses are transferred to Partner’s Capital Accounts (if capital is fluctuating) or Current Accounts… Read More

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