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Chain stores or multiple stores are retail networks owned and operated by manufacturers or intermediaries. A number of shops with similar appearances are established in… Read More
What are Departmental Stores? A department store is a large establishment that sells a wide range of products organised into distinct departments in order to… Read More
After making all the adjustments related to the partners, the balance due to the deceased partner is transferred to his/her executor’s account. This amount is… Read More
What is Joint Life Policy? Joint Life Policy like any other life policy gives coverage against the death of the policyholder, however, under Joint Life… Read More
The value of Assets and Liabilities undergoes a change with the passage of time due to many reasons, like regular wear and tear, appreciation in… Read More
Similar to the case of retirement, the Executor of the deceased partner is entitled to receive the interest on capital up to the date of… Read More
Capital is the amount contributed by the partners in the firm. Partner’s capital shows equity in a partnership owned by specific partners. It records the… Read More
Capital is the amount contributed by the partners in the firm. Partner’s capital shows equity in a partnership that is owned by specific partners. It… Read More
A Retiring Partner is entitled to receive an amount of his share in the partnership firm after making all the adjustments related to goodwill, profit/losses,… Read More
In real life, we know that the Earth rotates on its own axis and the moon also rotates on its axis. But what basically rotation… Read More
All living things can create the energy they need to survive through a series of chemical processes known as respiration. Air travels between the tissues… Read More
Receptors are characterized as specific cell membrane structures. They are mostly made of proteins, which attach to ligands and trigger signaling reactions. A molecule inside… Read More
Different fluids make up the majority of our bodies. Body fluids are crucial for the normal operation of our tissues and perform the crucial tasks… Read More
What is Public Deposits? Public deposits are deposits collected directly from the public by organisations. Interest rates on public deposits are typically higher than those… Read More
The buying and selling of goods and services for profit is referred to as Trade. Since the beginning of civilization, humans have been engaged in… Read More

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