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A measure of central tendency that determines the centrally located value of a given series is known as the Median. The number of values of… Read More
It is not always possible for an investigator to easily measure the items of a series or set of data. To make the data simple… Read More
Interest on Capital is an interest allowed to the partners on the capital amount invested by them into the firm. Such interest is not paid… Read More
Every organisation is not competent in every activity, and to get those things done properly and efficiently, it needs to outsource some of its activities… Read More
The Balance Sheet of an organisation is a statement showing its financial position on a particular date. The Balance Sheet prepared by Not-for-Profit organisations is… Read More
A plan which is made for activities that occur after regular intervals of time or its occurrence is sure in the future is known as… Read More
A Limited Liability Partnership is a form of partnership where all or some of the partners have liability limited to their capital contribution. No personal… Read More
In fundamental physics, the terms buoyancy and upthrust are sometimes used frequently. Even though some of us use them similarly, in spite of knowing they have different… Read More
India is a country of rich cultural and historical heritage. Due to its vast coastline, it became a prominent place for trade. But even though… Read More
Urea or Carbamide is a nitrogenous compound that is commonly excreted by animals and humans as a waste product of protein metabolism. In 1727 Herman… Read More
Surface area refers to the space occupied by the geometrical three-dimensional shape. It is denoted by the sum of the individual surfaces of the sides… Read More
In geometry, a three-dimensional shape having six rectangular faces is called a cuboid. A cuboid is also known as a regular hexahedron and has six… Read More
Copper is a chemical element with the symbol Cu with atomic number 29 in its periodic table. It is soft and has very high thermal… Read More
Siwalik Range, also known as Siwalik Hills or the Outer Himalayas, Siwalik, usually written Shiwalik, is a sub-Himalayan range in northern India. It stretches over… Read More
Tax money or revenue is the income/money gained by government through taxation(a mandatory contribution by individual or company who earns certain amount of income). Tax… Read More

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