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A covariance matrix is a type of matrix used to describe the covariance values between two items in a random vector. It is also known… Read More
Land is one of the most important and useful resources available in today’s world. It is essential for the growth of plants and acts as… Read More
The transfer of genetic traits from parents to children either through sexual or asexual reproduction is referred to as inheritance. All the genetic material for… Read More
Building a web application is a complex and tedious process if code is written manually on an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), so to ease developer’s… Read More
In a society, if someone violates the law, the police officers file a report and arrest him, but the police have no power to decide… Read More
Wave optics, also known as Physical optics, deals with the study of various phenomena such as diffraction, polarization, interference, resolution, and other occurrences. Wave optics… Read More
Food is anything consumed by humans that provides energy and can fulfill physiological requirements for human body growth. The value of food Man’s energy comes… Read More
Digital platforms are a combination of different technologies working in a synchronous manner to fulfill various tasks. These platforms are built using different layers like… Read More
Monsoon can be defined as the change in the direction of winds and currents in a region which leads to the formation of clouds and… Read More
Living organisms are in constant need of nutrients, oxygen, and other essential substances. Also, waste products produced in the body through the various metabolic reactions… Read More
Economic activity refers to the human endeavors that produce income. Economic activity enables us to develop income in the form of a wage or salary… Read More
There are a large number of websites and web applications available for common purposes but what makes users use one website more than other is… Read More
A trapezium is a quadrilateral with one pair of parallel opposite sides, according to Euclidean geometry. A trapezium is derived from the Greek word “trapeza,”… Read More
The fundamental unit of life is the cell. All living organisms are made up of fundamental building blocks which form the fundamental unit of life… Read More
CAM plants are those that absorb CO2 through the Crassulacean acid metabolism or CAM process. It was initially found in plants belonging to the Crassulaceae… Read More

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