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Natural resources are naturally occurring materials that are useful to man or could be useful under hypothetical technological, economic, or social circumstances, as well as… Read More
The cell cycle (Howard and Pelc, 1953) is a genetically managed group of changes that occur in a newly formed cell by which it supplicates… Read More
The biological system and wildlife, have been incredibly upset because of the abundance of double-dealing of creature assets and plants by people. A portion of… Read More
The Basis of Accounting describes the method by which the financial transactions and activities are accounted for and reported in the books of accounts to… Read More
An organisation that works with the motive to render services to society and not profit-making is also known as a Non-Trading Organisation. NPO is a… Read More
Staffing is that part of management which is concerned with obtaining, utilizing, and maintaining capable people to fill all positions in the organization from top-level… Read More
The principal assets of an enterprise that lay down the foundation of any organization are talented and hardworking people. For any organization’s growth and development,… Read More
Accounting is the process of maintaining the financial accounts of a business or organisations every financial year for the audits and the entry of data… Read More
In geometry, a prism is a three-dimensional shaped object that has two identical polygons facing each other and is laterally connected by rectangular or parallelogram… Read More
Cadmium is a chemical element with the symbol Cd. Its atomic number is 48. It is a lustrous, silver-white ductile very malleable metal. It is… Read More
It is fascinating to observe how life evolved from its earliest predecessor to the organisms which would be multicellular that surround us. According to the… Read More
Democratic rights are part of the rights enjoyed by citizens under a democratic framework. These rights prohibit the elected government from engaging in excessive behavior… Read More
India after freedom and to do that, it thinks back to a period of colossal socio-political disturbance. India has encountered numerous slaughter and loss of… Read More
“Bio” alludes to “life,” and “variety” alludes to “structures.” Occurrence of various kinds of biological systems, various types of organic entities with an entire scope… Read More
Enterprises might be agro-based, mineral-based, marine-based, and wood put together depending respect to the kind of natural substances they use.  Agro-based enterprises use plant and… Read More

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