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Complex numbers are the numbers of the form a + ib, such that a and b are real numbers and i (iota) is the imaginary… Read More
The length of the line segment connecting two points is defined as the distance between them. The length of the line segment connecting the specified… Read More
Scientific notation is a way to represent large and smaller numbers in easy representation form. Any number can be represented in this scientific notation such… Read More
There are many geometrical shapes/figures available and we can find the area for each figure using different formulas based on their shape. The area of… Read More
Numerals are the mathematical figures used in financial, professional as well as a social field in the social world. The digits and place value in… Read More
In mathematics or in daily lives geometry and geometrical shapes always play an essential role. Starting from a simple tray to a big building, we… Read More
A complex number comprises of a real number and an imaginary number. It is usually represented in the form of z = a + ib,… Read More
In geometry, a triangle is a polygon that has three sides that consist of three edges and three vertices. one of the major properties of… Read More
Fractions can be defined as numbers which can be represented in the form of A/B where A and B are integers and B should not… Read More
Polygon is a closed, connected shape made of straight lines. It may be a flat or a plane figure spanned across two dimensions. The word… Read More
A number is a numerical value that is used to represent the quantity/measurement of an object like to represent the weight of a person, length… Read More
Sector is defined as the portion inside a circle bounded between two radii and the arc of the circle. The area of this sector depends… Read More
Area is a quantity that tells us the scope of the region or shape in a two-dimensional plane. The SI unit of area is also… Read More
Integers are a combination of whole numbers along with negative numbers. Thus, the numbers -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3 are called integers. The… Read More
A complex number can be called a summation of both real and imaginary numbers written or represented usually in the form of z = a… Read More

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