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A complex number is referred to as the sum of a real number and an imaginary number. It is generally expressed as “z” and is… Read More
The equation in which the highest power of the variable is always 1 is called a linear equation (or) the first-order equation. A linear equation’s… Read More
A hexagonal prism is a three-dimensional geometric structure with two hexagonal bases connected by six rectangular faces. It is a polyhedron with eight faces, twelve… Read More
In mathematics, a rational number is a type of real number that is in the form of p/q, where p and q are integers and… Read More
In mathematics, we cross multiply the terms in an equation to determine the unknown values. The method of cross multiplication is mostly employed to identify… Read More
The term “number system” refers to the representation of numbers, where a “number” is a mathematical value used in various mathematical operations such as counting,… Read More
A square prism is a three-dimensional-shaped geometric structure that has two congruent square bases that are connected by four rectangular faces. A prism having a… Read More
An algebraic equation having the highest degree of two is defined as a quadratic equation. The word “quadratic” comes from the Latin word “quadrature”, which… Read More
“Comparison of fractions” refers to the determination of the larger and the smaller fraction within a given set of fractions. While comparing fractions, a set… Read More
Algebra is one of the oldest branches of mathematics, dealing with number theory, geometry, and analysis. The study of mathematical symbols and rules includes manipulating these… Read More
Fractions are defined as numerical figure that represents a portion of a whole. A fraction is a portion or section of any quantity taken from… Read More
Algebra is one of the oldest branches of mathematics, dealing with number theory, and geometrical analysis. Algebra is the study of mathematical symbols and rules including… Read More
Sum of squares refers to the sum of the squares of the given numbers, i.e., it is the addition of squared numbers. The squared terms… Read More
Algebra is a branch of mathematics that deals with unknown variables and the mathematical operations performed on them. An algebraic expression is a mathematical statement… Read More
The system that represents numbers is known as the number system, where a number is a mathematical value that helps in counting or measuring, or… Read More

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