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An ellipsoid can be called a 3D equivalent of an ellipse. It can be derived from a sphere by contorting it using directional scaling or, more… Read More
Algebra is a branch of mathematics concerned with symbols and the mathematical operations that may be applied to them. Variables are symbols that do not… Read More
The number system is the system of representing numbers. There are different types of representations in the number system. They are Binary (Base – 2),… Read More
Surface area of a cylinder is defined as the amount of space covered by the flat surface of the cylinder’s bases and the curved surface… Read More
Whole numbers are those positive integers from 0 to infinity that is included in the number system. In the number line, these figures are present.… Read More
Numbers are mathematical values or numbers used to measure or compute quantities. It’s represented by numbers like 2, 4, 7, and so on. Numbers include… Read More
Algebra is an area of mathematics that deals with symbols and the mathematical operations that may be performed on them. These symbols, which have no… Read More
A sphere can be called a three-dimensional equivalent of a circle. It is a collection of points in tri space that are all at the same distance… Read More
A number is a numerical worth utilized for counting and estimating objects, and for performing number-crunching computations. Numbers have different classes like normal numbers, entire… Read More
Rational numbers are the sum of two integers. It contains all integers and may be written as a fraction or a decimal. It is represented… Read More
A block is a 3-layered shape with 6 equivalent sides, 6 countenances, and 6 vertices in the calculation. Each face of a shape is a… Read More
The logarithm is the exponent or power to which a base is raised to get a particular number. For example, ‘a’ is the logarithm of… Read More
Rectangle belongs to the family of parallelograms, and parallelograms come under the types of quadrilaterals. The quality of a rectangle is that it has all… Read More
The chain rule is one of the basic rules used in mathematics for solving differential problems. It helps us to find the derivative of composite… Read More
Temperature can be measured in various scales like Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin scales. We can able to convert the temperature measured on one scale to… Read More

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