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Trigonometric functions study the relationship between the lengths, heights, and angles of right triangles. They are also known as circular functions or angle functions and… Read More
A unit circle is defined as a circle whose radius is 1 unit, the centre is at the origin, and the circumference is 2π, since… Read More
In mathematics, exponential functions and exponential formulas help in solving the calculations of large numbers and are used in different real-life situations. For example, using… Read More
Arithmetic has most likely the longest history at the time. It is a method of computation that has been used since ancient times to derive… Read More
When any two-dimensional or three-dimensional plane is being intersected and cut then there are curves obtained, which are known as conic sections. In the case… Read More
A binary number system is a system of numbers that has a base of 2 and uses only two digits, “0 and 1”. It is… Read More
In mathematics division is also known as repetitive subtraction and division is basically the process of dividing a larger number into equivalent groups of smaller… Read More
A rational number is a number that can be expressed in the form of p/q, where p and q are integers, and q is not… Read More
In mathematics, a number system is a system of expressing numbers in various forms through writing. It is also often called the numeral system, which… Read More
In math, a system that is used to represent numbers in different forms is defined as a number system. A mathematical value that is used… Read More
Let us learn about what an algebraic expression is before learning about the terms of an algebraic expression. An algebraic expression is a concept of… Read More
In mathematics, a fraction is represented as a numerical value that defines a part of a whole. A fraction is a portion of any quantity… Read More
ELet p(x) be the antiderivative of a continuous function f(x) defined on [a, b] then, the definite integral of f(x) over [a, b] is denoted… Read More
A number system refers to a system that represents numbers, where a number is defined as the mathematical value that helps to count, measure, or label… Read More
A complex number is defined as the addition of a real number and an imaginary number. It is represented as “z” and is written in… Read More

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