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A number is a numerical worth utilized for counting and estimating objects, and for performing number-crunching computations. Numbers have different classes like normal numbers, entire… Read More
Rational numbers are the sum of two integers. It contains all integers and may be written as a fraction or a decimal. It is represented… Read More
A block is a 3-layered shape with 6 equivalent sides, 6 countenances, and 6 vertices in the calculation. Each face of a shape is a… Read More
The logarithm is the exponent or power to which a base is raised to get a particular number. For example, ‘a’ is the logarithm of… Read More
In Differential Mathematics, the chain rule is a crucial derivative rule which is used to manage composite functions. Only the derivatives of composite functions are found… Read More
Rectangle belongs to the family of parallelograms, and parallelograms come under the types of quadrilaterals. The quality of a rectangle is that it has all… Read More
Temperature can be measured in various scales like Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin scales. We can able to convert the temperature measured on one scale to… Read More
Generally, a rate specifies the ratio that compares the two different quantities of different units. Example:- Kilometer per Hour (kmph), Miles per Hour (mph), etc.… Read More
Probability is one of the basics of mathematics. Poisson Distribution is a discrete probability distribution that expresses the probability of a given number of events… Read More
Complex numbers are terms that can be shown as the sum of real and imaginary numbers. These are the numbers that can be written in… Read More
Recursion can be defined by two properties. A base case and recursion step. The base case is a terminating scenario that doesn’t use recursion to… Read More
In mathematics, a rectangular prism is a three-dimensional geometric figure with four lateral faces and two congruent and parallel bases. Such a polygon that has two… Read More
Causation is indicating that X and Y have a cause-and-effect connection with one another. It tells X causes Y. Causation is also understood as a… Read More
The word “geometry” is the English equivalent of the Greek “geometry”. “Geo” means “Earth” and “Metron” means “measure”. Even today, geometric ideas are reflected in… Read More
The volume of a cone can be described as the space occupied by the cone or it is the capacity of the cone. Cone is… Read More

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