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Laws of Reflection is a principle or rule that governs the phenomenon of reflection of light. The law of reflection states that a light ray… Read More
The light gets reflected from the surfaces. Any surface which is polished or in other words is shiny always acts like a mirror. The observation… Read More
Probability revolves around assigning a numerical value to this degree of uncertainty. Or in other words, probability refers to uncertainty about the occurrence of an… Read More
The force that acts between two bodies which are sliding or trying to slide against each other is known as friction. For example, when we… Read More
The process of bouncing back light rays which fall on the surface of an object, is called the reflection of light. A plane mirror reflects… Read More
In our daily life, we see many objects like books, pencil boxes, cones, football, cylinder. These all are three-dimensional objects (solid shapes). All these objects… Read More
Question 1. Find the following products: (i) (x + 4) (x + 7) Solution: By simplifying the given expression, we get x (x + 7)… Read More
Question 1. Find the square root of each of the following numbers by Division method. (i) 2304  Solution: Step 1: Place a bar over every… Read More
Question 1. Plot the points (5, 0), (5, 1), (5, 8). Do they lie on a line? What is your observation? Solution:  Initially take a… Read More
Braille is a system developed by Louis Braille in 1824 to help visually challenged people. It is a code by which languages such as English,… Read More
Chapter 3 Squares and Square Roots – Exercise 3.3 | Set 1 Question 4. Find the squares of the following numbers: (i) 425 Solution: 425… Read More
Question 1. Find the square of the following numbers using column method. Verify the squares using the usual multiplication. (i) 25 Solution: Here, we will… Read More
Find and correct the errors in the following mathematical statements: Question 1. 4(x – 5) = 4x – 5 Solution: Given: 4(x – 5) =… Read More
Question 1. The pie-chart given in the following represents the expenditure on different items in constructing a flat in Delhi. If the expenditure incurred on… Read More
The core vision behind the GeeksforGeeks School initiative is to provide the school students with quality learning resources and to make the learning process better… Read More

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