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Sliding friction is friction that acts on objects when they are sliding over a surface. Sliding friction is weaker than static friction. That’s why it’s… Read More
Limiting friction is defined as the friction which is generated between the two static surfaces that come in contact with each other. The maximum friction… Read More
In Geometry, 3D shapes are known as three-dimensional shapes or solids, or solid shapes. 3D shapes or solid shapes have three different measures such as… Read More
Mensuration is the branch of mathematics that deals with the study of different geometrical shapes and their areas. It uses geometric calculations and algebraic equations… Read More
Any plane or any shape has two measurements like length and width, that is why it is called a two-dimensional(2D) object. Circle, square, triangles, rectangles,… Read More
Question 1: Divide the first polynomial by the second polynomial in each of the following. Also, write the quotient and remainder: (i) 3x2 + 4x… Read More
Comparing quantities is easy, each of the quantities is defined to a specific standard and then the comparison between them takes place after that. Comparing… Read More
Squares of the numbers are the values that are obtained by multiplying the number by itself. The behavior of Square and Square roots are opposite… Read More
Question 1. Find the cube roots of each of the following integers: (i) -125  (ii) -5832 (iii) -2744000  (iv) -753571 (v) -32768 Solution: (i) -125 … Read More
Question 1: What is the least number of planes that can enclose a solid? What is the name of the solid? Solution: The least number… Read More
Chapter 6 Algebraic Expressions And Identities – Exercise 6.6 | Set 1 Question 11. If x – y = 7 and xy = 9, find the… Read More
Geethika uses 4 cups of water to cook 2 cups of rice every day. One day when some guests visited her house, she needed to… Read More

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