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Every person has a Fundamental Right to be represented by a lawyer, according to Article 22 of the Constitution. The State is required by Article… Read More
The nitrogen cycle is a complex biological process that describes the transformation of nitrogen and its compounds in the environment. Nitrogen is an essential element… Read More
Social or government institutions create a set of rules by giving precise definitions after a long-standing debate and enforce them on a human to regulate… Read More
Adivasis, Dalits, Muslims, women, and other marginalized groups claim that just because they are citizens of democratic democracy, they have equal rights that must be… Read More
In old times, women were considered with dereference and dignity. They were made aware of all areas and had a significant impact on governmental issues… Read More
Resources refer to anything which has some utility for us and adds value to life. Air, water, food, plants, and everything else which exists in… Read More
In a society, people coexist with each other. Every society strives for a harmonious existence. But with coexistence comes disparities in thought, action, and word.… Read More
The legislative, executive branches, and judiciary are the three pillars that sustain the Indian government. The Indian legal system. In India, we have an independent… Read More
Allow us to get familiar with the significance of dates. Sometime in the past history specialists were captivated with dates. There were warm discussions about… Read More
An organ of government that deals with the administration of justice according to law is called the judiciary. It includes courts, judges, etc. The work… Read More
Secularism means the separation of the state from religion. A secular state has no official religion nor supports any religion. It treats all its citizens… Read More
India is a democratic country. It is a very evident statement given by Abraham Lincoln that democracy is government “For the people, of the people,… Read More
From the beginning of human civilizations, there is evidence that men worshiped a power that they believed is above all. In primitive societies man worshiped… Read More
All plants and animals need water to survive. Without water, there will be no life on our planet. In a Human body, 60% of its… Read More
Photoshop Vector tools are one of the tools that enable us to create such aforementioned vector graphics. Vector graphics are nothing but computer graphics that… Read More