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Category Archives: Class 11

Chapter 1 Sets – Miscellaneous Exercise on Chapter 1 | Set 1 Question 11: Let A and B be sets. If A ∩ X = B… Read More
Question 1: Decide, among the following sets, which sets are subsets of one and another: A = {x : x ∈ R and x satisfy… Read More
Question 1: Write the negation of the following statements: (i) p: For every positive real number x, the number x – 1 is also positive. … Read More
Question 1: Name the octants in which the following points lie: (i) (5, 2, 3) (ii) (-5, 4, 3) (iii) (4, -3, 5) (iv) (7,… Read More
Question 1. Rewrite the following statement with “if-then” in five different ways conveying the same meaning. If a natural number is odd, then its square… Read More
In each of the following Questions from 1 to 7, describe the sample space for the indicated experiment. Question 1. A coin is tossed three… Read More
To understand the concept of Domain and range of a Relation first, we have to learn about Relation. A relation is a set of rules… Read More
Straight lines can be viewed as a point extended indefinitely in any two opposite directions. A straight line is one that has no curves and covers… Read More
Geometric Progression (GP) is a specific type of progression or sequence, where each next term in the progression is produced by multiplying the previous term… Read More
Question 1. Write each of the following statements in the form “if p, then q.” (i) You can access the website only if you pay… Read More
Question 1. Write the negation of the following statement: (i) Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka. (ii) It rained on July 4, 2005. (iii) Ravish… Read More
Question 1. Find the component statements of the following compound statements: (i) The sky is blue, and the grass is green. (ii) The earth is… Read More
Problem 1: Find the distance between the following pairs of points: (i) (2, 3, 5) and (4, 3, 1) Solution: Let P be (2, 3,… Read More
Problem 1: Find the coordinates of the point which divides the line segment joining the points (– 2, 3, 5) and (1, – 4, 6)… Read More
Question 1. Write the negation of each of the following statements: (i) For every x ∈ N, x + 3 > 10 (ii) There exists… Read More