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Question 1. Show that each one of following progression is a GP. Also, find the common ratio in each case: (i) 4, -2, 1, -1/2,…….… Read More
Question 1. A coin is tossed once. Write its sample space. Solution:  Since, a coin has two faces either head or tails. So, if the… Read More
Question 13. A box contains 1 red and 3 black balls. Two balls are drawn at random in succession without replacement. Write the sample space for… Read More
Question 1. Which of the following sentences are statements? Give reasons for your answer? Note: A sentence is called mathematically acceptable statement if it is… Read More
Question 1: A-line passes through a point A (1, 2) and makes an angle of 60° with the x-axis and intercepts the line x +… Read More
Question 1. lim x → 1 (x2+1)/(x+1) Solution:  Using direct substitution method we get, lim x → 1 (x2+1)/(x+1) = (12+1)/(1+1) = 2/2 = 1… Read More
Question 1. If nC8=nC2, find nC2. Solution:  We know that, nCr=nC(n-r) For the given question, r=8 and n-r=2 Hence, n=r+(n-r)=8+2=10 OR Using formula (1), nC8=nC(n-r) 8(n-8)=2(n-2) … Read More
Question 1. Which of the following are examples of empty set? (i) Set of all even natural numbers divisible by 5. (ii) Set of all… Read More
Question 1. Write the first five terms of a sequence whose nth term is an=n(n+2). Solution:  Given, an = n(n + 2) Putting value of… Read More
In each of the following Exercises 1 to 6, find the coordinates of the focus, axis of the parabola, the equation of the directrix and… Read More
Chapter 1 Sets – Miscellaneous Exercise on Chapter 1 | Set 1 Question 11: Let A and B be sets. If A ∩ X = B… Read More
Question 1: Decide, among the following sets, which sets are subsets of one and another: A = {x : x ∈ R and x satisfy… Read More