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Category Archives: Class 11

Question 1. Evaluate each of the following: (i) 8P3 (ii) 10P4 (iii) 6P6 (iv) P (6, 4) Solution: (i) 8P3 As we know that, 8P3… Read More
One of the most powerful tools in any engineer or scientist’s toolkit is 3D geometry. 3D geometry comes to picture into model real-world quantities such… Read More
Generally, Conditional statements are the if-then statement in which p is called a hypothesis(or antecedent or premise) and q is called a conclusion( or consequence).… Read More
A permutation is a collection or a combination of objects from a set where the order or the arrangement of the chosen objects does matter.… Read More
Question 1. Solve  Solution: Using the property of modulus operator, we know |x| > a ⇒ x < -a or x > a Therefore,  or  ⇒… Read More
Question 1. A die is rolled. Let E be the event “die shows 4” and F be the event “die shows even number”. Are E… Read More
Question 1(a). If A and B are mutually exclusive events associated with a random experiment such that P(A) = 0.4 and P(B) = 0.5, then… Read More
Question 1: Prove that the following sets of three lines are concurrent: (i) 15x – 18y + 1 = 0, 12x + 10y – 3… Read More
Question 1. Determine the distance between the following pair of parallel lines: (i) 4x – 3y – 9 = 0 and 4x – 3y –… Read More
Question 1. Prove that the area of the parallelogram formed by the lines a1x + b1y + c1 = 0, a1x + b1y + d1… Read More

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