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The amount supplied and the quantity demanded are equal at the equilibrium price in a market that is functioning freely. However, government interference in markets… Read More
Application Based Questions Question 1. In which form of organisation is a trade agreement made by one owner binding on the others? Give reasons to… Read More
For any business firm, it is important to ascertain its financial statements at the end of every financial year to know the profit/loss incurred by… Read More
What is Supply? The amount of a commodity a company is willing and able to provide for sale at a specific time is called the… Read More
The words stock and supply of the commodity are frequently used interchangeably. However, the two concepts are different in economics. What is Stock? Stock describes… Read More
What is Promotion of a Company? The first phase of a company’s formation is Promotion. It entails conceiving a business opportunity and taking the initiative… Read More
Chapter: Organisation of Data 1. Width of Class Interval 2. Mid-Point or Mid-Value Chapter: Diagrammatic Presentation of Data 1. Conversion of percentage into degrees in… Read More
A structural organisation in animals begins with the smallest fundamental unit – the cell. Tissues are made up of a collection of cells that all… Read More
Every living organism is made up of cells. The basic structural organization of any multicellular living organism is as follows: Cells-Tissue-Organ-Organ System Structural Organization in… Read More
Plants obtain a variety of inorganic elements (ions) and salts from their surroundings, especially from water and soil. The movement of these nutrients from the… Read More
What is Law of Supply? Economists have studied the behaviour of both buyers and sellers. They have discovered the law of supply as a result… Read More
What is Business and Environmental Protection? Environmental protection is a serious issue that business leaders and decision-makers must confront. The term “environment” refers to the… Read More
What is Wholesale Price Index(WPI)? The two most practical and widely used metrics used to assess market inflation in a country are the Wholesale Price… Read More
Consumers and producers both play a crucial role in the efficient operation of an economy. A producer uses a variety of inputs to create commodities… Read More
What is Trial Balance? A Trial Balance is a statement prepared with the balances of the ledger account, with a motive to verify the accuracy… Read More

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