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Organic Chemistry is the branch of science that deals with the study of the structure, properties, composition, and reaction of hydrocarbons and their derivatives. It… Read More
What is Bill of Exchange? A bill of exchange is a very popular negotiable instrument. It is a written order drawn upon one party by… Read More
What is International Trade? The exchange of goods between different countries of the world is known as International Trade. International trade, comprising exports and imports… Read More
What is Insurance? A contract or agreement under which one party agrees in return for a consideration to pay an agreed amount of money to… Read More
What is Joint Venture? When two or more firms join together for a common purpose and mutual benefit, it is known as Joint Venture. It… Read More
What is Bill of Exchange? A bill of exchange is a written order that one party receives from another requiring them to pay the other… Read More
Private Sector The sector, which includes all those enterprises which are managed and owned by individuals or groups of individuals is known as Private Sector.… Read More
What is warehousing?  When goods are held in stock to make them available as and when required, it is known as Warehousing. It helps businesses… Read More
Business Services refer to those services, which are used by business enterprises to conduct their activities. They are necessary for the effective operation of businesses… Read More
A contract between two parties, whereby one party agrees to indemnify or cover the loss suffered by the other party for a consideration of some… Read More
What is Contract Manufacturing? Contract manufacturing is a kind of international business in which a company gets into an agreement with one or more local… Read More
Communication is a two-way process in which information or messages are sent from one person or group to another. This process continues with at least… Read More
Internal trade includes buying and selling goods and services within the boundaries of a nation. It includes all the trade from a neighborhood shop in… Read More
A financial service under which a ‘factor’ provides various services, like discounting of bills and providing information about the credit worthiness of prospective clients, etc.,… Read More
Biomolecules are molecules produced by living organisms. A living organism develops, sustains, and reproduces. The most incredible aspect of a living system is that it… Read More

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