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Category Archives: Class 11

When you’re freezing, what’s the first thing you do? There are two options here: either wrap yourself in a warm blanket or massage your hands… Read More
Have you ever wondered why, when we stretch an elastic band and then let it go, it returns to its previous state? It is compelled… Read More
Contact and Non-Contact Forces are the two main types of forces. Contact Force is a force that acts between the objects in contact with each… Read More
Question 11. Find the equation of the parabola whose focus is (5, 2) and having a vertex at (3, 2).  Solution: Given that, the vertex… Read More
Question 1. Find the equation of the parabola whose:  (i) Focus is (3, 0) and the directrix is 3x + 4y = 1 Solution: Given… Read More
Question 1. Find the axis of symmetry of the parabola y2 = x.  Solution: We are given, => y2 = x We know this parabola… Read More
It is not difficult to notice the analogous nature of rotational motion and kinematic motion. The terms of angular velocity and angular acceleration remind us… Read More
For a rigid body, motion is generally both rotational and translation. If the body is fixed at one point, the motion is usually rotational. It… Read More
There are lots of examples around us in daily lives where bodies perform circular motions every day. From the hands of the clock to a… Read More
Elasticity, this term always reminds of objects like Rubber bands, etc. However, if the question arises, which one is more elastic- A rubber or an… Read More
In cloud computing, we have access to a shared pool of computer resources (servers, storage, programs, and so on) in the cloud. You simply need… Read More
There are many types of motions that are encountered in daily life- rectilinear motion and the motion of a projectile is one such example. Both… Read More
E-waste or electronic waste team means discarded electrical or electronic devices or components. Whenever an electronic or electrical component or device whose working life has… Read More
The proliferation of the internet, smart devices, and increasing applications have driven the digital transformation that leads to the rapid growth of data. Over 2.5… Read More
Cybercrime is defined in simple words as a crime that is done online. Here, the medium used to commit crime digitally is the computer, network,… Read More

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