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Recording of Banking Transactions: All businesses make many transactions with the bank in their day-to-day activities. Journal Entries related to banking transactions are as follows:… Read More
Wholesale Trade means buying and selling goods in relatively large quantities or bulk. It is one of the main categories of domestic trade. The traders… Read More
Retailers are business enterprises involved in selling goods and services directly to the ultimate customer. They buy goods from wholesalers in large quantities and sell… Read More
The ‘word’ mode gets its roots from the old French word ‘La Mode’, which means most popular phenomenon, and from the Latin word ‘Modus’, meaning… Read More
The word mode comes from the Latin word ‘Modus’, meaning measurements, quantity, way, or manner. In statistics, Mode refers to the variable that occurs most… Read More
An organization’s obligation to make decisions and perform them for the benefit of society and its values is known as the social responsibility of a… Read More
Statement of Affairs Under the single entry system of bookkeeping, accounts maintained by the business are incomplete. The businessman maintains the records as per his… Read More
The size of a business in small industries and business establishments is a major issue. Several parameters can be used to measure the size of… Read More
After flowering the structure formed from the ovaries and bearing the seeds in it, such structure of the flower is known as Fruit. Fruit is… Read More
The word Echinoderm is taken from the Greek word “Ekhinos” which means “spiny” and “derm” which means “skin”. The endoskeleton of these animals consists of… Read More
Microeconomics is a branch of economics studying the behavior of an individual economic unit. Adam Smith is known as the father of economics and microeconomics.… Read More
Operating a business in this dynamic world is not an easy task. Every business requires funds to operate and carry out various activities, and without… Read More
Consumer Cooperative Stores are enterprises established, owned, and managed by a group of consumers sharing common interests. In simple words, it is an association of… Read More
Wholesale Trade refers to buying and selling goods and services in bulk quantities for resale or intermediate use. Wholesalers play the role of middleman between… Read More
What is Price Elasticity of Demand? The proportionate change in the quantity demanded of a commodity due to a proportionate change in the price of… Read More

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