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E-waste or electronic waste team means discarded electrical or electronic devices or components. Whenever an electronic or electrical component or device whose working life has… Read More
The proliferation of the internet, smart devices, and increasing applications have driven the digital transformation that leads to the rapid growth of data. Over 2.5… Read More
Cybercrime is defined in simple words as a crime that is done online. Here, the medium used to commit crime digitally is the computer, network,… Read More
Cyber forensics is a process of extracting data as proof for a crime (that involves electronic devices) while following proper investigation rules to nab the… Read More
When a body moves in a plane or on a straight line, three parameters are used to describe its motion – distance, velocity, and acceleration.… Read More
As a common notion, the word “energy” means the capacity to come into action. Whenever someone says that a particular person is energetic. This means… Read More
The study of oscillatory motion is fundamental to physics; its concepts are required to comprehend many physical phenomena. Vibrating strings produce pleasing sounds in musical… Read More
Illegal downloading is a process of getting/downloading data(like documents, images, videos, audio, etc.) that you are not allowed to use on the internet. Or, in… Read More
Friction is a force that is present almost everywhere in daily life. This force allows us to walk, hold objects, etc. In short, it is… Read More
A solid is assumed to be a rigid body, but in real life, no body is perfectly rigid. All the solids change their shape when… Read More
Thermodynamic rules are straightforward to state. Do you aware that thermodynamics principles apply to the human body? When we’re in a room full of people,… Read More
While Newton’s principles of motion may appear simple to us now, they were revolutionary centuries ago. The laws of motion explain how things behave when… Read More
Humans learn early in life that all material items have a natural tendency to gravitate towards the earth. Anything thrown up falls to the ground,… Read More
A particle moving in a plane can be described by using the coordinates. But often this information is not enough to fully describe the state… Read More
The periods, orbits, and regions of planets and sun are usually the emphasis of Kepler’s Law of planetary motion. In a sun-centered solar system, the… Read More

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