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Suppose a person has two bowls, one bowl contains water and the other has honey in it, that honey takes more time to form the… Read More
Limits are building blocks of calculus. They are the values that a function seems to be taking on while we reach a particular point. They… Read More
RD Sharma Solutions for class 11 covers different types of questions with varying difficulty levels. Practicing these questions with solutions may ensure that students can… Read More
The complex number is defined as the number in the form a+ib, where a is the real part while ib is the imaginary part of… Read More
Limits tell us a lot about function behavior. They help mathematicians and engineers reason about the function their behavior and their properties. They form the… Read More
Have you ever asked that raindrops dropped from heights do not harm people due to the force of gravity? Stoke’s law explains why this is… Read More
Statistics is the study of data collection, analysis, perception, introduction, and organization. It is a method of gathering and summarizing results. This has a wide… Read More
Algebra is a branch of mathematics that deals with number theory, geometry, and analysis. It is one of the oldest branches in the history of… Read More
Mensuration is a branch of mathematics concerned with the calculation of geometric figures and their parameters such as weight, volume, form, surface area, lateral surface… Read More
Geometry is the branch of mathematics that deals with the forms, angles, measurements, and proportions of ordinary objects. There are two-dimensional forms and three-dimensional shapes… Read More
Calculus is a subset of mathematics concerned with the study of continuous transition. Calculus is also known as infinitesimal calculus or “infinite calculus.” The analysis… Read More
Limits have been really useful in the field of calculus, they become a solid foundation for defining many concepts like continuity, differentiability, integrals, and derivatives.… Read More
Hipparchus, a Greek mathematician, introduced the idea of trigonometry, which is one of the most important branches of mathematics. Trigonometry is basically applicable to the… Read More
Derivatives are an integral part of calculus. They measure the rate of change in any quantity. Suppose there is a water tank from which water… Read More
Probability denotes the possibility of anything happening. It is a mathematical branch that deals with the occurrence of a random event. The value ranges from… Read More

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