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Services are those essential and separately identifiable intangible activities satisfying the wants of consumers. It is not necessary that services are linked to the sale… Read More
Reproduction is a biological process in which living organisms produce offspring similar to them. Reproduction is necessary to ensure the continuity of species on earth.… Read More
Export is one of the main components of International business and involves the movement of goods and services across the nations and the exchange of… Read More
A histogram is a graphical representation of the frequency distribution of continuous series using rectangles. The x-axis of the graph represents the class interval, and… Read More
1. Payment is received through cheque, and a discount is allowed. A. When a cheque is received from a customer, and a discount is allowed… Read More
Recording of Banking Transactions: All businesses make many transactions with the bank in their day-to-day activities. Journal Entries related to banking transactions are as follows:… Read More
Wholesale Trade means buying and selling goods in relatively large quantities or bulk. It is one of the main categories of domestic trade. The traders… Read More
Retailers are business enterprises involved in selling goods and services directly to the ultimate customer. They buy goods from wholesalers in large quantities and sell… Read More
The ‘word’ mode gets its roots from the old French word ‘La Mode’, which means most popular phenomenon, and from the Latin word ‘Modus’, meaning… Read More
The word mode comes from the Latin word ‘Modus’, meaning measurements, quantity, way, or manner. In statistics, Mode refers to the variable that occurs most… Read More
An organization performs different activities to fulfill its profit-earning motive and satisfy the needs of society. While fulfilling the expectations of society, a business has… Read More
Statement of Affairs Under the single entry system of bookkeeping, accounts maintained by the business are incomplete. The businessman maintains the records as per his… Read More
The size of a business in small industries and business establishments is a major issue. Several parameters can be used to measure the size of… Read More
Morphology is a discipline of science that focuses on the exterior structure and characteristics of living systems. It is largely concerned with the investigation of… Read More
The word Echinoderm is taken from the Greek word “Ekhinos” which means “spiny” and “derm” which means “skin”. The endoskeleton of these animals consists of… Read More

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