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Category Archives: Class 11

The logical investigation of substance and organic cycles that happen in normal settings is known as ecological science. It’s not to be mistaken for green… Read More
When a stone is thrown from the ground, it goes into the sky and falls back on the ground. Using machines, the stones can be… Read More
The scientific study of chemical and biological processes that occur in natural settings is known as Environmental chemistry. It’s not to be confused with green… Read More
The environment is defined as a physical system’s surroundings, which may interact with other systems by exchanging mass and energy. All living and nonliving things… Read More
The branch of thermodynamics deals with the process of heat exchange by the gas or the temperature of the system of the gas. This branch… Read More
Waves surround us almost everywhere in real life. The Wifi, Mobile Network, and any other wireless form of communication are comprised of waves of different… Read More
One must have probably heard of Newton’s Laws of Motion by now. These laws will assist you in addressing mechanical issues. Typically, a mechanics problem… Read More
As we all know, computers do not understand the English alphabet, numbers except 0 and 1, or text symbols. We use encoding to convert these.… Read More
In around 1661, Boyle, Newton, and some other scientists eagerly tried to find the theory behind gases and their behavior even gave a theory named… Read More
Waves are everywhere around us in real life, from the ripples that are created in water when throwing stones to the phones that are working… Read More
Air being a fluid, exerts pressure at a point in a similar manner as a liquid column. The gaseous envelope surrounding the earth is called… Read More
Motion is described as a change in position over a period of time. In terms of physics and mechanics, this is called velocity. It is… Read More
Rigid body rotation is featured prominently in science, sports, and engineering. Theoretically, it is a collection of particles that are at a fixed distance from… Read More
Often while dealing with mechanics and gravity, engineers and scientists come across solid bodies which do not point masses. Such bodies are bigger in size… Read More
When an object gains kinetic energy and changes position, it is known to be in motion. There are three types of motion possible, one-dimensional, two-dimensional,… Read More

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