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The experimental technique known as calorimetry is used to assess enthalpy and internal energy in most cases. Calorimetry is based on thermometric methods that are… Read More
Reactants and products coexist in equilibrium, therefore reactant conversion to product is never greater than 100%. Equilibrium reactions may entail the breakdown of a covalent… Read More
GeeksforGeeks brings a Formula sheet for Class 11 Maths students, which is strictly based on the NCERT Syllabus to ease out the preparation and revision process… Read More
Chemical equilibrium is the state of a system in which the reactant and product concentrations do not change over time and the system’s attributes do… Read More
Atomic orbitals, which are mathematical functions, describe the wave behaviour of electrons (or electron pairs) in an atom. They provide a method for calculating the… Read More
When a chemical process reaches equilibrium, the equilibrium constant (usually represented by the symbol K) provides information on the relationship between the products and reactants.… Read More
The word “solubility product” refers to inexpensively soluble salts. It is the greatest product of the molar concentration of the ions (raised to their appropriate… Read More
The contemporary periodic table has around 118 elements. In most cases, the element’s discoverer is given the honour of naming the element. The chemical element’s… Read More
A variety of chemical and biological reactions like burning of different types of fuels (wood, kerosene, coal, LPG, petrol, diesel), digestion of food in animals,… Read More
Thermodynamics is a field of physics that studies the relationship between heat, work, and temperature, as well as their relationships with energy, entropy, and the… Read More
Redox reactions are oxidation-reduction chemical reactions in which the oxidation states of the reactants change. The term ‘redox’ refers to the reduction-oxidation process. All redox… Read More
The thermodynamics is the science that meant to study the energy transitions into heat and mechanical work, and flowing the energy from point to another… Read More
The systematic arrangement of elements in a periodic table reveals some periodic tendencies in element properties. Atomic and ionic radii, for example, decrease from left… Read More
Equilibrium exists in physical processes, just as it does in chemical reactions. The equilibrium that arises between different states or phases of a substance, such… Read More
A redox reaction is a sort of chemical reaction in which the oxidation states of atoms are changed and electrons are exchanged between the two… Read More

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