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The amount invested in the business whether in the means of cash or kind by the proprietor or owner of the business is called capital.… Read More
Exporting goods and services refer to sending them from the home country to a foreign country. Similarly, Importing goods and services means purchasing or bringing… Read More
A contract signed between two parties, through which one party agrees or promises to cover the loss suffered by another party by receiving some money… Read More
Funds can be generated by a lot of sources in a business organization. The easiest method is the public issuance of securities. However, private companies… Read More
 Meaning of Basis of Accounting The Basis of Accounting is related to the timing of recording the business transaction in the books of account. It… Read More
Financial Statements are statements that serve as a means of communication between the organization and different users of financial statements regarding the financial position and… Read More
A lot of transactions happen in day to day life of a business. The majority of transactions involve either receiving or paying money. Businesses often… Read More
Plant cells are eukaryotic cells. They perform the photosynthesis process and synthesize food. The characteristic features of a plant cell include primary cell walls containing,… Read More
Reproduction is a biological process in which living organisms produce offspring similar to them. Reproduction is an important event to ensure the continuity of species… Read More
Solanaceae place among developed species and some others, like potato, pepper, and tomato, play a deciding job in the human eating routine and the economy… Read More
Classification is everywhere, in living, non-living, etc.  Classification of organisms gives us an easy understanding of the family and the origin of the organisms. The… Read More
In unicellular organisms, a single cell performs all necessary tasks such as digesting, respiration, and reproduction. The same basic duties are well-organized by distinct groups… Read More
The largest kingdom in the classification consists of various kinds of animals. The nutritional mode of every organism is different. RH Whittaker classified the organisms… Read More
Decentralization is known as the distribution of functions among several units. It is an interconnected system where no single entity has complete authority. It is… Read More
Earthworms, otherwise called rancher’s companion (farmer’s friend) the physical structure contains a place with Annelida phylum. Their home is soil and food is a natural… Read More

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