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Plants retain water and minerals through root hairs over the course of dissemination. It moves to the more profound pieces of the root through two… Read More
Each residing life form will in general share highlights like development, upkeep of homeostasis, propagation, utilization of energy, adaption, and so forth. These highlights help… Read More
E-business: Conducting business activities over the internet or any other computer network is known as E-business or Electronic Business. E-business conducts all business activities, like… Read More
There is a big diversity of living organisms in an ecosystem. The question that arises in our mind is that are all living organisms composed… Read More
Living organisms are classified into five different categories based on their methods of nutrition, cellular structure, modes of reproduction, body composition, etc. R.H. Whittaker gave… Read More
The study of an organism’s internal structure is called anatomy. Histology, or the study of tissue organization and structure, is a component of plant anatomy… Read More
We discovered that all living cells must be provided with supplements, O2, and other fundamental substances. Likewise, the waste or destructive substances produced must be… Read More
The movement of water and minerals throughout the body of the plant is referred to as transportation. For transferring water and nutrients throughout their bodies,… Read More
All the species of plants come under the category of the plant kingdom. They consist of eukaryotic, multicellular, and autotrophic organisms. Autotrophs are those organisms… Read More
What is Journal Proper? Journal Proper is the book that is maintained to record those transactions which are not recorded in the special books. Transactions… Read More
What is e-business? Conducting business activities over the internet or any other computer network is known as e-business or Electronic Business. e-business conducts all business… Read More
Accounting software sourcing is an essential component of a computerised accounting system. All the transactions of a company are recorded with the help of software… Read More
What is Insurance? Insurance is a method that spreads the loss likely to be caused by an unknown occurrence among a number of people who… Read More
All the carbon-based compounds that are seen in or produced by living organisms and are necessary to a biological cycle are called biomolecules. Examples of… Read More
Biological classification is the term that is used for grouping different living organisms into different groups according to their similarities and dissimilarities. Modern classification uses… Read More

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