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Business Services refer to those services, which are used by business enterprises to conduct their activities. They are necessary for the effective operation of businesses… Read More
A contract between two parties, whereby one party agrees to indemnify or cover the loss suffered by the other party for a consideration of some… Read More
What is Contract Manufacturing? Contract manufacturing is a kind of international business in which a company gets into an agreement with one or more local… Read More
Communication is a two-way process in which information or messages are sent from one person or group to another. This process continues with at least… Read More
Internal trade includes buying and selling goods and services within the boundaries of a nation. It includes all the trade from a neighborhood shop in… Read More
A financial service under which a ‘factor’ provides various services, like discounting of bills and providing information about the credit worthiness of prospective clients, etc.,… Read More
Biomolecules are molecules produced by living organisms. A living organism develops, sustains, and reproduces. The most incredible aspect of a living system is that it… Read More
Morphology refers to the study of forms or external features of an organism. While studying the morphology of an organism we focus on its external… Read More
Biological classification is the method of grouping organisms into different categories in a hierarchical order based on their similarities and differences. Organisms are classified to… Read More
All the living organisms on earth are grouped together according to their similarities, dissimilarities and phylogenetic order. The scientific method of arranging organisms into different… Read More
Every living organism on earth breathes, including plants, animals, and microbes. The breaking of C-C bonds of the complex compounds through oxidation in the cell,… Read More
The animal kingdom is the first kingdom in the 5-kingdom classification which includes all the animals and this kingdom has a wide range of diversity… Read More
The naturally inorganic nutrients found in food and soil that are necessary for the healthy operation of an animal or plant’s body are known as… Read More
The basic structural and functional unit of life is the cell. It is responsible for performing essential functions of life. All organisms, including plants, and… Read More
The intake of air rich in oxygen present in the environment and the release of air rich in carbon dioxide produced within the body is… Read More

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