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Strontium is a reactive metal that is naturally available. It is denoted with Sr. It is a silvery metal with pale yellow tint. Strontium is… Read More
Potassium is a chemical element with the symbol K . Its atomic number is 19. It’s electron configuration is 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p64s1. It… Read More
Potassium is a chemical element with the symbol K . It’s atomic number is 19 with electron configuration 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s1 .It… Read More
Ammonia is a gaseous chemical compound that is a poisonous gas with a pungent odor. Generally, Ammonia was produced by the anaerobic decay of plant… Read More
Copper (Cu) is one of the elements that was never discovered. They have been a part of every stage in the evolution of civilization. The… Read More
Sodium hydrogen phosphate consists of elements Sodium, Hydrogen, Phosphorus, and Oxygen. Sodium is a silvery-white, soft, highly reactive alkali metal. It is present in group-1… Read More
Chromium is denoted with the symbol Cr, and its atomic number is 24. It is a chemical element which lustrous, steely grey and hard. It’s… Read More
Radioactive decay is the spontaneous breakup of an atomic nucleus of a radioactive material that results in the emission of radiation from the nucleus. The… Read More
Lithium gets its name from “lithos”. It is the Greek word used for stone. Lithium (Li), alkali metal machine of the periodic table (Group1) of… Read More
Ammonium Dichromate consists of elements Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Chromium, and Oxygen. Nitrogen is a nonmetal and one of the most common elements. Its atomic number is… Read More
Trichloroacetic acid consists of elements Carbon, Hydrogen, Chlorine, and Oxygen. Carbon is a nonmetallic element present in group-14 of the periodic table. Its atomic number… Read More
In 1802 the English chemist John Dalton proposed Dalton’s law of Partial Pressure. The scientist researched non-reactive gas mixtures confined in a vessel extensively and… Read More
Ammonium iodide is an inorganic chemical compound that appears in the form of white crystalline powder. The chemical formula of Ammonium iodide is NH4I. Most… Read More
Pentane is a chemical compound under the group of Alkanes which is a volatile and colorless liquid. Pentane has a gasoline-like odor. Most commonly used… Read More
Tartaric acid comprises carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen with a molecular formula of C4H6O6. The structure consists of two -COOH and two hydroxy groups. Tartaric acid… Read More

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