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NTP and STP are two terms which are widely used in physics and chemistry to explain the various physical and chemical properties of liquids and… Read More
Malic acid is a naturally occurring organic acid found in many fruits and vegetables. It has a tart taste and is used as a food… Read More
The concentration or quantity of the ions in a particular solution is termed as ionic strength of that solution. The ionic strength of an ionic… Read More
Electrochemistry is the study of the relationship between electrical energy and chemical reactions. It deals with the transfer of electrons between substances and their chemical… Read More
Lewis Electron dot Structure is a type of representation of valence electrons of atoms and molecules and compounds with their bond structure. Atoms are the… Read More
Radioactive decay is the release of alpha, beta, and gamma particles from unbalanced atoms known as radionuclides. Some substances, like uranium, have no stable forms… Read More
The most commonly used phrase in chemistry is “equivalent weight,” which is also one of the fundamental concepts in physical chemistry. Equivalent weight commonly referred… Read More
Chemical equation that only displays the components that are involved directly in the chemical reaction is known as the Net Ionic Formula or Net Ionic… Read More
The order of a reaction and the Molecularity of the reaction is the basic properties of the reaction that helps to get the kinematics and… Read More
Battery or cells are referred to as the parallel combination of electrochemical cells. The major difference between a primary cell and the secondary cell is… Read More
Vapour pressure is the force exerted by a liquid’s (or solid’s) vapour above the surface of the liquid. At a particular temperature and thermodynamic equilibrium,… Read More
A chemical formula is a way of describing the information about the chemical proportions of atoms that make up a certain chemical compound or molecule.… Read More
The boiling point of a substance is the temperature at which the substance changes state from liquid state to gas state. The boiling point of… Read More
Chemistry deals with various particles, atoms, or elements and the chemical reactions between them. All the chemical reactions that take place are directly the result… Read More
The perceptible heat is referred to as “sensible heat.” The energy that moves from one system to another alters the temperature instead of changing its… Read More

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