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During pregnancy, one or more offspring develop (gestate) in the womb of the pregnant woman. Multiple pregnancies result in multiple births, including twins. Although getting… Read More
The biological system made up of all the anatomical organs involved in sexual reproduction is known as an organism’s reproductive system, also referred to as… Read More
Before going to know about vitamins and their uses, and benefits for health, we have to know What are vitamins? and history of vitamins and… Read More
The fundamental structural and operational unit of all living things is the cell. Each cell has a cytoplasm that is surrounded by a membrane and… Read More
Cellular junctions are the connections that exist between cells. They are multiprotein complexes present in animal cells’ cell membranes. These complexes aid in the attachment… Read More
Before going to know about protein and its uses we have to know clearly about what is protein. How protein is made? How does protein… Read More
Eukaryotic cells found in plants differ significantly from those seen in other eukaryotic organisms in a number of significant ways. Animal and plant cells both… Read More
In all vertebrates and most invertebrate animals, the center of the nervous system is the brain. Location is near the sensory organs i.e., in the… Read More
The flower is the reproductive part of a plant. It not only works as a reproductive part but also provides food to living organisms. It… Read More
The eyes are an important part of the human body. It is an essential sense organ of humans. There are five major sense organs are… Read More
Evolution is a developing process. It is a continuous & immortal process by which new species take place in nature. Evolution is a process where… Read More
The second stage of photosynthesis is known as the Calvin cycle, or the light-independent reactions. The transformation of Carbon dioxide to carbohydrates is called Calvin… Read More
Spermatogenesis is the development of haploid spermatozoa from germ cells of testis in seminiferous tubules. In the basement membrane of the tubules, there are stem… Read More
Before going to know about the Omnivore animal we have to know the clear concept of Omnivore animals and those details like what they eat… Read More
One of the essential elements for the survival of all living things is nitrogen. It is a need for the formation of numerous biomolecules, such… Read More

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