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The father of modern genetics, “Gregor Mendel,” was the first person to discover the principle of heredity. He conducted various experiments, including one on pea… Read More
The nervous system is a very complicated structure in the human body. There are millions of neurons are present in a body of a human.… Read More
The tendency of genes on a chromosome to stick together during chromosomal inheritance is known as linkage. Contrarily, crossing over is the process through which… Read More
ATP or adenosine triphosphate provides energy to the cell or living organisms. Atp is required by the cells for different activities such as the transportation… Read More
The nervous system is the main driving force of any human being. Humans share their emotions & do different jobs with the help of the… Read More
The immune system is the most essential system of our body. It not only helps to protect the creature from foreign substances. Also, it helps… Read More
Cell signaling is the process that is most significant for our small bodies. Cell signaling is the process by which an individual cell interacts with… Read More
Communication is an important method to share an emotion or thought with each other. Humans talk to each other for making a communication process. Other… Read More
A class of signalling molecules known as Hormones are delivered from distant organs in multicellular animals to control physiology and behaviour. Hormones are necessary for… Read More
The adherens junction (AJ), a component of the cell-cell junction, is where cadherin receptors operate to homophilically connect the nearby plasma membranes. The cytoplasmic proteins… Read More
Non-receptor tyrosine kinases (NRTKs), which can activate intracellular signals generated from external receptors, are a subset of tyrosine kinases, intracellular cytoplasmic proteins, or tethered to… Read More
Every human being is different from others. But it is quite strange that every human has a specific number of ears, eyes, nose, etc. But… Read More
Biological inheritance is the process by which a cell or organism’s progeny inherits its parents’ genetic characteristics. Genetics is the field of biology that studies heredity… Read More
All living organisms are composed of cells, the fundamental membrane-bound structure that contains the components of life. It is the basic structural and functional component… Read More
The heart is a muscular organ that circulates blood through the circulatory/vascular systems around the body. It assists in the distribution of oxygen to every region… Read More

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