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A mineral is a naturally occurring substance of chemical composition. They are formed in different types of geological environments, under different conditions by natural processes.… Read More
Business Services refer to those services, which are used by business enterprises to conduct their activities. They are necessary for the effective operation of businesses… Read More
A contract between two parties, whereby one party agrees to indemnify or cover the loss suffered by the other party for a consideration of some… Read More
An investment Fluctuation Fund is a reserve created out of profit to meet the change in the market value of the investment.  An amount is… Read More
A unit of capital or an equal portion of the share capital of an organisation divided, whose ownership is evidenced by a share certificate is… Read More
What is Contract Manufacturing? Contract manufacturing is a kind of international business in which a company gets into an agreement with one or more local… Read More
Financial Statements are prepared to know the profitability and financial position of the business in the market. These financial statements are then analyzed with the… Read More
A balance of payment (BoP) is a summary statement that lists all of the transactions that took place within a specific period between the resident… Read More
Usually, government records all the transactions that arise between a country and the outside world. This record is titled Balance of Payments. Balance of Payments… Read More
Communication is a two-way process in which information or messages are sent from one person or group to another. This process continues with at least… Read More
The economic activities concerned with the production of goods (steel energy), extraction of minerals (coal mining), and provision for services (tourism) are referred to as… Read More
Finance is the lifeline of a business. Without the appropriate availability of finance, a business idea remains only an idea. It comes into shape only… Read More
The term solvency in accounting refers to the state of being able to pay off one’s dues. Solvency ratios are those financial metrics that measure… Read More
A company is one of the most important and prominent forms of business organisation. It can be described as a voluntary association of individuals, having… Read More
The economic policies introduced by the British rulers in India resulted in the rapid transformation of the Indian economy into a colonial economy, the nature… Read More

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