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Category Archives: Web technologies Questions

The task is to merge the first index of an array with the first index of another array. Suppose, an array is array1 = {a,… Read More
To show a notification when an element is added to page we can use createElement() method creates an element list with the specified name. After… Read More
The engraved text effect is an effect that you can use in your websites as a heading or a sub-heading to make it look more… Read More
DOM (Document Object Model) allows us to dynamically access and manipulate the HTML data. All the text data from an HTML file can also be… Read More
The shake button effect also known as the wiggle effect can be used to make the website look more responsive and dynamic. This is one… Read More
We know that, whether it may be an ordered list or unordered list they come along with a numbering. It may be: Bullets Squares Decimal… Read More
The display: inline-block; is a layout property in CSS that does not add a line break after the element. As a result, the elements can… Read More
In this article, we define a table caption by using the <caption> tag element. The caption element is used to specify the caption of a… Read More
Sometimes, when you search for a number on the web, you might want to SMS to it directly from the web page instead of noting… Read More
The Comments in CSS, are the statements in your code that are ignored by the compiler and are not executed. Comments are used to explain… Read More
The background color can be changed according to the cursor position using the DOM (Document Object Model). In this article, we use the position of… Read More
In this article, we will override the current text direction by using the dir attribute in the particular element. It is used to specify the… Read More
Today there are a large number of Web APIs available. One of which is GlobalEventHandlers, an OnErrorEventHandler to be called when the error is raised.… Read More
Icons and Images both are a graphical representation of the things that we want to describe but Icons have a different objective than normal Images.… Read More
Twitter Bootstrap makes extensive use of specific classes to achieve all the various kinds of functionalities. To hide elements on any arbitrary screen size, you… Read More

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