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Creating an HTML document using Bootstrap and make more than one column. The task is to set the control to a column over the height… Read More
Base64 encoding and decoding can be done in Node.js using the Buffer object. Encoding the original string to base64: The Buffer class in Node.js can… Read More
<select> Tag: The <select> component is used to make a drop-down list. The <select> component is most frequently used in a form, to gather user… Read More
Maximum value of an attribute in an array of objects can be searched in two ways, one by traversing the array and the other method… Read More
An iframe is the short form of inline frame. By using iframe tag, you can display another webpage content into a HTML page document in… Read More
JavaScript is a very flexible language and it provides many API support to do many useful things. Here one important thing is that record audio… Read More
The task is to change the drop-down menu when time is changed. There are two approaches that are discussed below. Approach 1: Use the setTimeOut()… Read More
Alerts in JavaScript are an important components in web design. They are commonly used to notify users. The SweetAlert2 library aims to make basic looking… Read More
The &lt;big> tag was discontinued in HTML5 while <small> tag is still in handy because <small> tag is frequently used to represent small prints like… Read More
Composition helps in creating large & complex functions by combining small functions. For example, you can build a wall with the help of small bricks.… Read More
The average color of an image can be found with JavaScript by drawing the image on a canvas element. The following steps have to be… Read More
According to Microsoft, whenever Internet Explorer provides the HTML page structure, it uses the wrong character set even after providing the correct character set by… Read More
So here, we will be discussing some methods which will help you to get your desired font from any website !  1.WhatFont : Extensions such… Read More
Both single-quoted and double-quoted strings in JavaScript are used for creating string literals. But the basic difference between them comes into play when the character… Read More
Semicolons in JavaScript divide the community. Some developers prefer to use them always. Few developers want to avoid them. In some cases, omitting them may… Read More

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