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Category Archives: Web technologies Questions

In the operating system, all the loading of programs and libraries are handled by a loader which is one of the important processes for starting… Read More
In vanilla JavaScript, there are two primary data types, null and undefined. Previously in TypeScript, it was not possible to explicitly name these types as… Read More
In this article, we will create an inline iframe by using a <iframe> tag in a document. It represents a fixed rectangular area within the… Read More
The browser cache relies on the image URL to decide whether the image is the same or not and whether to use the stored version.… Read More
There are various ways of putting some text in a container and having some size to fill that container. There are different methods such as… Read More
An HTML wrapper permits you to center header, content, and footer inside a webpage. Headers could be very fancy. Using CSS or bootstrap in a… Read More
Buttons are the most important user interface component for any website. It is very important to design the buttons in a creatively unique way. The… Read More
In this article, you will learn how to flip an image (add mirror effect), both horizontally and vertically when the mouse has hovered over it.… Read More
In this article, we will learn how to dynamically add/remove rows from an HTML table using jQuery. Before reading this article, make sure you have… Read More
In this article, we define a part of a text in an alternate voice or mood by using the <i> tag in the HTML document.… Read More
When we want to bind any event to an element, normally we could directly bind to any event of each element using the on() method.… Read More
The prototype property allows to add new properties and methods to the existing JavaScript object types. There are two examples to describe the JavaScript String… Read More
The task is to sort the JavaScript array on multiple columns with the help of JavaScript. There are two approaches that are discussed below. Approach… Read More
jQuery has many types of file upload plugins that are used to upload various types of files and can be processed further at the backend.… Read More
The then() method in JavaScript has been defined in the Promise API and is used to deal with asynchronous tasks such as an API call.… Read More

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