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Category Archives: Web technologies Questions

Woocommerce check Pincode/zipcode for shipping plugin by Phoeniixx is a great help for the customers as it enables them to know if the website delivers… Read More
Recently more and more enterprises are going to migrate their business applications from the desktop to the Web. This decision is usually driven by the… Read More
A Table is an arrangement of rows and columns. Anyone can create a table by knowing the basics of HTML(HyperText Markup Language). A table is… Read More
The clip-path CSS property is used to clip the region in such a way that element in the clipped regions are shown. In this article,… Read More
In this article, we need to Detect Alt/Option + another key in textarea by using the HTML and JavaScript. It detects both the keys i.e.… Read More
In web design, the autocomplete feature is a common one. When the user types some value in the search text box, it automatically shows a… Read More
In this article, we will discuss how CSS selector is important while we are designing the web page. The role of CSS selector in the… Read More
Given a JSON Object’s tree and the task is to find a particular piece of information. Suppose we want to find the information about a… Read More
An API is simply a medium to fetch or send data between interfaces. Let’s say you want to make an application that provides the user… Read More
When we want to use transition for display:none to display:block, transition properties do not work. The reason for this is, display:none property is used for… Read More
The best way to encrypt and decrypt passwords is to use a standard library in PHP because the method of properly encrypting and decrypting passwords… Read More
A screenshot of any element in JavaScript can be taken using the html2canvas library. This library can be downloaded from its official website. The below… Read More
Chess patterns are simply certain tactical positions which regularly occur in games. It can be easily design by using the pseudo selector of CSS. This… Read More
Particles.js is a lightweight JavaScript library used for creating particles which looks likes the vertices of polygon. We can also interact by hovering over the… Read More
Set the height of a div element using jQuery The content height of a div can dynamically set or change using height(), innerHeight(), and outerHeight()… Read More

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