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Category Archives: Web technologies Questions

In this article, we will know how to get the current year using the build-in method in Javascript. The purpose is to get the current… Read More
The height and width of an image can be set using height and width attribute. The height and width can be set in terms of… Read More
A domain name is an address that is used to access any website. Domain Name is unique in nature and it is very easy to… Read More
Bootstrap is one of the widely preferred CSS frameworks for the development of an interactive user interface. Bootstrap comes bundled with a wide range of… Read More
Cascading Style Sheets is a style sheet language used along with HTML and JavaScript for building a web application. CSS frameworks give a library allowing… Read More
Given a title and the task is to convert title into URL slug using JavaScript. In this article, we will use HTML to design the… Read More
The task is to create and design a sign-up form in which if the user enters details, the HTML form data are inserted into our… Read More
The alternative text for an image is useful when the image not displayed/loaded. If the image is not loaded the its alternative text is displayed… Read More
In this article, a wavy animated text is implemented using HTML and CSS. It is one of the simplest CSS effects. For a beginner, it… Read More
The x-tmpl stops the browser from interpreting the script JavaScript. To use JQuery x-tmpl we need the jquery-tmpl JavaScript file. The jQuery.tmpl() method chains the… Read More
The canvas drawImage() method of the Canvas 2D API is used to draw an image in various ways on a canvas element. This method has… Read More
This tutorial will show the way to use a proxy with PHP’s cURL functions. In this tutorial, we’ll send our HTTP request via a selected… Read More
The purpose of this article is to divide the text into two columns by using the CSS column property. This property is used to set… Read More
Given an HTML document and the task is to get the height of the scrollbar using JavaScript. Following are the different approaches to solve this… Read More
We have already seen the article, How to fix the height of rows in the table. The width of the columns i.e. td in a… Read More

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