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Category Archives: Web technologies Questions

Which method is select all enable forms in jQuery? (A) :enabled selector (B) :file selector (C) :reset selector (D) :button selector Answer: (A)Explanation: The :enabled… Read More
Which of the below method is responsible for merging the two or more objects into the first object ? (A) check() Method (B) find() Method… Read More
How to find the current selection against an expression in jQuery ? (A) getIs( selector ) (B) findls( selector ) (C) is( selector ) (D)… Read More
Which one of the following is the correct option for the toggle() in jQuery? (A) Element will hide and show (B) Element will Fade In… Read More
Which method is used for parsing the JSON text in the jQuery? (A) jQuery.each() Method (B) jQuery.conflict() Method (C) jQuery.noConflict() Method (D) jQuery.parseJSON() Method Answer:… Read More
What is the correct code when making all the div elements of 130px height ? (A) $(“div”).height(130); (B) $(“div”).height = “130” ; (C) $(“div”).height =… Read More
What is the output of the following code: $("h1.heading") (A) heading element with class = “heading” (B) heading element with id = “heading” (C) heading… Read More
Which method is used to check whether an element is selected or not?  (A) hasClass() Method (B) toggleClass() Method (C) find() Method (D) addClass() Method… Read More
Which of the below code snippet is ask for the set the div element in the jQuery? (A) var find= $(div); (B) var find= #(“div”);… Read More
Which one of the following function is the utility function that used in the jQuery? (A) jQuery.parseJSON() (B) jQuery.noConflict() (C) jQuery.Conflict() (D) jQuery.each() Answer: (A)… Read More
If you hide the selected element in jquery which jquery method did you have to choose from below? (A) display(none) Method (B) hidden(element) Method (C)… Read More
Which method is used in a single global function in jQuery ? (A) $() (B) local() (C) jQuery() (D) global() Answer: (C) Explanation: The jquery… Read More
Out of the below jQuery method which one is used to find the highest property of the element ? (A) height( ) (B) getCSSheight( )… Read More
How do we get the JSON data using HTTP requests? (A) jQuery.getScript( url, [callback] ) (B) url, [data], [callback], [type] ) (C) url,… Read More
If the content of two or more objects is merged into the first object then which below method is used? (A) jQuery check() Method (B)… Read More

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