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How do we get the filename portion of a path to the file in Node.js ? (A) path.extname() (B) path.basename() (C) path.dirname() (D) path.delimiter Answer:… Read More
Which method in Node.js are used to get system uptime in seconds ? (A) os.freemem() (B) os.uptime() (C) os.getPriority() (D) os.homedir() Answer: (B) Explanation: The… Read More
Which below module is used to get end-of-line character as specified by the operating system ? (A) os.EOL (B) os.endianness() (C) os.cpus() (D) os.arch() Answer:… Read More
Which below server method is used to set the time out value from the socket ? (A) http.server.setTimeout() (B) http.server.timeout() (C) http.server.close() (D) http.server.headersTimeout() Answer:… Read More
Which modules in Node.js are designed to handle binary raw data ? (A) Process (B) Stream (C) Path (D) Buffers Answer: (D) Explanation: Buffers are… Read More
Which Node.js method allows us to execute a block of code or a function after a set period? (A) Buffer (B) Timer (C) Speed (D)… Read More
Node.js provides utilities for URL resolution and parsing______? (A) URL() (B) Global() (C) Timers() (D) Buffers() Answer: (A) Explanation: The URL module provides utilities for… Read More
Which below method is used to get the IP addresses of the current server in Node.js ? (A) dnsPromises.resolve4() (B) dnsPromises.resolveAny() (C) dnsPromises.resolveMx() (D) dnsPromises.getServers()… Read More
Which DNS protocol is used to resolve the IPv4 address for the specified hostname ? (A) dns.resolveNaptr() (B) dns.resolve6() (C) dns.resolvePtr() (D) dns.resolve4() Answer: (D)… Read More
Which of the below module handles file operations like creating, reading, deleting in Node.js ? (A) Crypto module (B) File module (C) Os module (D)… Read More
Which DNS protocol is used to resolve name server records for the specified hostname ? (A) dns.resolveNs() (B) dns.resolveNapt() (C) dns.resolveMx() (D) dns.resolvePtr() Answer: (A)… Read More
Which method is used as a name resolution facility in Node.js ? (A) Assert (B) Http (C) DNS (D) Lookup Answer: (C) Explanation: DNS stands… Read More
Which module is used to update the cipher according to the given encoding format ? (A) crypto.incrypt() (B) cipher.update() (C) cipher.increment() (D) crypto.scrypt() Answer: (B)… Read More
Which cipher method is used to return the buffer containing the value of cipher object ? (A) cipher.last() (B) cipher.start() (C) (D) cipher.update() Answer:… Read More
Which below method is method to stop the time in Node.js ? (A) console.timeEnd() (B) console.timeStamp() (C) console.trace() (D) console.end() Answer: (A) Explanation: The console.timeEnd()… Read More

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