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Which of the following statements are true ? (a) The fragmentation fields in the base header section of IPv4 have moved to the fragmentation extension… Read More
The address of a class B host is to be split into subnets with a 6 – bit subnet number. What is the maximum number… Read More
Match the following: (A) (1) (B) (2) (C) (3) (D) (4) Answer: (D)Explanation: Framing of data occurred in data link layer. Network layer is responsible… Read More
If a file consisting of 50,000 characters takes 40 seconds to send, then the data rate is __________. (A) 1 kbps (B) 1.25 kbps (C)… Read More
Quadrature Amplitude Modulation means changing both: (A) Frequency and phase of the carrier. (B) Frequency and Amplitude of the carrier. (C) Amplitude and phase of… Read More
Suppose we want to download text documents at the rate of 100 pages per second. Assume that a page consists of an average of 24… Read More
The language L = {aib ci │ i >= 0} over the alphabet {a, b, c} is: (A) a regular language. (B) not a deterministic… Read More
Finite state machine can recognize language generated by __________. (A) Only context free grammar (B) Only context sensitive grammar (C) Only regular grammar (D) any… Read More
Which of the following problems is undecidable? (A) To determine if two finite automata are equivalent (B) Membership problem for context free grammar (C) Finiteness… Read More
Pumping lemma for regular language is generally used for proving: (A) whether two given regular expressions are equivalent (B) a given grammar is ambiguous (C)… Read More
Heap allocation is required for languages that (A) use dynamic scope rules (B) support dynamic data structures (C) support recursion (D) support recursion and dynamic… Read More
The logic of pumping lemma is an example of __________. (A) iteration (B) recursion (C) the divide and conquer principle (D) the pigeon – hole… Read More
The three aspects of Quantization, programmers generally concerned with are: (A) Coding error, Sampling rate and Amplification (B) Sampling rate, Coding error and Conditioning (C)… Read More
Find the normalization transformation that maps a window whose lower left corner is at (1, 1) and upper right corner is at (3, 5) onto… Read More
Find the equation of the circle x2+y2=1 in terms of x’y’ coordinates, assuming that the xy coordinate system results from a scaling of 3 units… Read More