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Which statement is not correct about “init” process in Unix? (A) It is generally the parent of the login shell. (B) It has PID 1.… Read More
One of the disadvantages of user level threads compared to Kernel level threads is (A) If a user-level thread of a process executes a system… Read More
Some of the criteria for calculation of priority of a process are: a. Processor utilization by an individual process. b. Weight assigned to a user… Read More
Match the following for Unix file system: (A) (1) (B) (2) (C) (3) (D) (4) Answer: (B) Explanation: Boot block contains boot program and partition… Read More
Consider a disk queue with I/O requests on the following cylinders in their arriving order: 6, 10, 12, 54, 97, 73, 128, 15, 44, 110,… Read More
A memory management system has 64 pages with 512 bytes page size. Physical memory consists of 32 page frames. Number of bits required in logical… Read More
A software company needs to develop a project that is estimated as 1000 function points and is planning to use JAVA as the programming language… Read More
Complete each of the following sentences in List – I on the left hand side by filling in the word or phrase from the List… Read More
A software project was estimated at 352 Function Points (FP). A four person team will be assigned to this project consisting of an architect, two… Read More
Match the terms related to Software Configuration Management (SCM) in List – I with the descriptions in List – II. (A) (1) (B) (2) (C)… Read More
Which of the following are facts about a top-down software testing approach? I. Top-down testing typically requires the tester to build method stubs. II. Top-down… Read More
Which of the following statement(s) is/are TRUE with regard to software testing ? I. Regression testing technique ensures that the software product runs correctly after… Read More
What can you say about the following statements ? I. XML tags are case-insensitive. II. In JavaScript, identifier names are case-sensitive. III.Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)… Read More
Which of the following HTML code will affect the vertical alignment of the table content? (A) (1) (B) (2) (C) (3) (D) (4) Answer: (A)… Read More
Which of the following statement(s) with regard to an abstract class in JAVA is/are TRUE ? I. An abstract class is one that is not… Read More

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