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At which of the following stage(s), the degeneracy do not occur in transportation problem ? (m, n represents number of sources and destinations respectively) (a)… Read More
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Names of some of the Operating Systems are given below: (a) MS-DOS (b) XENIX (c) OS/2 In the above list, following operating systems didn’t provide… Read More
A t-error correcting q-nary linear code must satisfy: Where M is the number of code words and X is (A) qn (B) qt (C) q-n… Read More
Let C be a binary linear code with minimum distance 2t + 1 then it can correct upto _____ bits of error. (A) t +… Read More
Which of the following statements is false? (A) Every context-sensitive language is recursive. (B) The set of all languages that are not recursively enumerable is… Read More
Which of the following pairs have different expressive power? (A) Single-tape-turing machine and multi-dimensional turing machine. (B) Multi-tape turing machine and multi-dimensional turing machine. (C)… Read More
Given the following two statements : A. L = {w|na(w) = nb(w)} is deterministic context free language, but not linear. B. L = {an bn}… Read More
The first order logic (FOL) statement ((R ∨ Q) ∧ (P ∨ ¬Q)) is equivalent to which of the following ? (A) ((R ∨ ¬Q)… Read More
Which of the following statements is true? (A) The sentence S is a logical consequence of S1,…, Sn if and only if S1 ∧ S2… Read More
What is the best method to go for the game playing problem? (A) Optimal Search (B) Random Search (C) Heuristic Search (D) Stratified Search Answer:… Read More
In Artificial Intelligence (AI), what is present in the planning graph? (A) Sequence of levels (B) Literals (C) Variables (D) Heuristic estimates Answer: (A) Explanation:… Read More
Consider the following AO graph: Which is the best node to expand next by AO* algorithm? (A) A (B) B (C) C (D) B and… Read More
Consider following two rules R1 and R2 in logical reasoning in Artificial Intelligence (AI) : R1 : From α ⊃ β and α/Inter β is… Read More