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Which of the following logic operations is performed by the following given combinational circuit? (A) EXCLUSIVE-OR (B) EXCLUSIVE-NOR (C) NAND (D) NOR Answer: (A) Explanation:… Read More
The Karnaugh map for a Boolean function is given as The simplified Boolean equation for the above Karnaugh Map is (A) AB + CD +… Read More
Which of the following is the most efficient to perform arithmetic operations on the numbers? (A) Sign-magnitude (B) 1’s complement (C) 2’s complement (D) 9’s… Read More
The octal number 326.4 is equivalent to (A) (214.2)10 and (D6.8))16 (B) (212.5)10 and (D6.8))16 (C) (214.5)10 and (D6.8))16 (D) (214.5)10 and (D6.4))16 Answer: (C)… Read More
Given the following graphs: Which of the following is correct? (A) G1 contains Euler circuit and G2 does not contain Euler circuit. (B) G1 does… Read More
What is the probability that a randomly selected bit string of length 10 is a palindrome? (A) 1/64 (B) 1/32 (C) 1/8 (D) 1/4 Answer:… Read More
Let A and B be sets in a finite universal set U. Given the following: |A – B|, |A ⊕ B|, |A| + |B| and… Read More
Let us assume that you construct ordered tree to represent the compound proposition (~ (p ∧ q)) ↔ (~ p ∨ ~ q). Then, the… Read More
The Boolean function [~(~p ∧ q) ∧ ~( ~p ∧ ~q)] ∨ (p ∧ r)] is equal to the Boolean function: (A) q (B) p… Read More
Match the following vi commands in Unix: (A) (1) (B) (2) (C) (3) (D) (4) Answer: (D) Explanation: w vi command in unix saves file… Read More
Unix command to change the case of first three lines of file “shortlist” from lower to upper (A) $ tr ‘[a – z]’ ‘[A –… Read More
Which of the following neural networks uses supervised learning ? (A) Multilayer perceptron (B) Self organizing feature map (C) Hopfield network (A) (A) only (B)… Read More
A neuron with 3 inputs has the weight vector [0.2 –0.1 0.1]T and a bias θ = 0. If the input vector is X =… Read More
Let R and S be two fuzzy relations defined as : Then, the resulting relation, T, which relates elements of universe x to the elements… Read More
Consider the following LPP : Min. Z = x1 + x2 + x3 Subject to 3x1 + 4x3 ≤ 5 5x1 + x2 + 6x3… Read More