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In Unix, the login prompt can be changed by changing the contents of the file __________. (A) crontab (B) init (C) gettydefs (D) inittab Answer:… Read More
A system has four processes and five allocatable resources. The current allocation and maximum needs are as follows: Allocated Maximum Available Process A 1 0… Read More
Consider a disk with 16384 bytes per track having a rotation time of 16 msec and average seek time of 40 msec. What is the… Read More
Suppose that the number of instructions executed between page fault is directly proportional to the number of page frames allocated to a program. If the… Read More
A virtual memory has a page size of 1K words. There are eight pages and four blocks. The associative memory page table contains the following… Read More
Using p = 3, q = 13, d = 7 and e = 3 in the RSA algorithm, what is the value of ciphertext for… Read More
In a typical mobile phone system with hexagonal cells, it is forbidden to reuse a frequency band in adjacent cells. If 840 frequencies are available,… Read More
Four channels are multiplexed using TDM. If each channel sends 100 bytes/second and we multiplex 1 byte per channel, then the bit rate for the… Read More
Which of the following fields in IPV4 datagram is not related to fragmentation? (A) Type of service (B) Fragment offset (C) Flags (D) Identification Answer:… Read More
Which of the following services is not provided by wireless access point in 802.11 WLAN ? (A) Association (B) Disassociation (C) Error correction (D) Integration… Read More
A relation R = {A, B, C, D, E, F,G} is given with following set of functional dependencies: F = {AD → E, BE →… Read More
Data which improves the performance and accessibility of the database are called: (A) Indexes (B) User Data (C) Application Metadata (D) Data Dictionary Answer: (A)… Read More
Which of the following provides the best description of an entity type? (A) A specific concrete object with a defined set of processes (e.g. Jatin… Read More
In C++, which system – provided function is called when no handler is provided to deal with an exception? (A) terminate ( ) (B) unexpected… Read More
A three dimensional array in ‘C++’ is declared as int A[x][y][z]. Consider that array elements are stored in row major order and indexing begins from… Read More

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