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A process residing in main memory and ready and waiting for execution, is kept on (A) Job Queue (B) Execution Queue (C) Wait Queue (D)… Read More
A box contains six red balls and four green balls. Four balls are selected at random from the box. What is the probability that two… Read More
In PERT/CPM, the merge event represents___________ of two or more events. (A) splitting (B) completion (C) beginning (D) joining Answer: (B) Explanation: Quiz of this… Read More
Consider the midpoint (or Bresenham) algorithm for rasterizing lines given below : (1) Input (x​ 1​ ,y​ 1​ ) and (x​ 2​ ,y​ 2​ )… Read More
Use Dual Simplex Method to solve the following problem : Maximize z = -2x​1​ -3x2 subject to: x​1​ + x2​ ≥ 2 2x​1​ + x2​… Read More
__________ system call creates new process in Unix. (A) fork (B) fork new (C) create (D) create new Answer: (A) Explanation: Quiz of this QuestionPlease… Read More
Consider the following method : int f(int m, int n, boolean x, boolean y) { int res = 0; if (m < 0) { res… Read More
Consider two sequences X and Y : X = Y = The length of longest common subsequence between X and Y is (A) 4 (B)… Read More
The decimal floating point number -40.1 represented using IEEE-754 32-bit representation and written in hexadecimal form is (A) 0xC2206000 (B) 0xC2006666 (C) 0xC2006000 (D) 0xC2206666… Read More
Find the boolean expression for the logic circuit shown below : (1-NAND gate, 2-NOR gate, 3-NOR gate) (A) AB (B) AB’ (C) A’B’ (D) A’B… Read More
Consider the following statements : (i) Auto increment addressing mode is useful in creating self-relocating code. (ii) If auto addressing mode is included in an… Read More
Consider the following boolean equations : (i). ​ wx + w(x + y) + x(x + y) = x+wy (ii). (wx’(y+xz’)+w’x’)y = x’y What can… Read More
Consider R to be any regular language and L​1​.L​2​ be any two context-free languages Which one of the following is correct ? (A) (L1 ⋃… Read More
Consider the following recursive Java function f that takes two long arguments and returns a float value : public static float f(long m, long n)… Read More
Suppose for a process P, reference to pages in order are 1, 2, 4, 5,2,1,2,4. Assume that main memory can accommodate 3 pages and the… Read More

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