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Consider a standard additive model consisting of rules of the form of If x is Ai AND y is Bi THEN z is Ci. Given… Read More
Consider the two class classification task that consists of the following points: Class C1 : [21, 21], [21, 1], [1, 21] Class C2 : [1,… Read More
Consider the following three tables R, S and T. In this question, all the join operations are natural joins (⨝). (π) is the projection operation… Read More
The distributed system is a collection of (P)and communication is achieved in distributed system by(Q), where (P) and (Q) are: (A) Loosely coupled hardware on… Read More
Consider the following three SQL queries (Assume the data in the people table): (a)Select Name from people where Age > 21; (b)Select Name from people… Read More
Suppose ORACLE relation R(A, B) currently has tuples {(1, 2), (1, 3), (3, 4)} and relation S(B, C) currently has {(2, 5), (4, 6), (7,… Read More
Consider the following database table: Create table test( one integer, two integer, primary key(one), unique(two), check(one >= 1 and = 1 and = 1 and… Read More
Which of the following statements regarding the features of the object-oriented approach to databases are true? (a)The ability to develop more realistic models of the… Read More
What will be the output of the following Unix command ? $rm chap0\[1 – 3\] (A) Remove file chap0[1 – 3] (B) Remove file chap01,… Read More
In Unix, the command to enable execution permission for file “mylife” by all is ____________. (A) Chmod ugo + X myfile (B) Chmod a +… Read More
The character set used in Windows 2000 operating system is __________ (A) 8 bit ASCII (B) Extended ASCII (C) 16 bit UNICODE (D) 12 bit… Read More
Consider the following transportation problem: The transportation cost in the initial basic feasible solution of the above transportation problem using Vogel’s Approximation method is: (A)… Read More
Consider the following conditions:  (a)The solution must be feasible, i.e. it must satisfy all the supply and demand constraints.  (b)The number of positive allocations must… Read More
A basic feasible solution of a linear programming problem is said to be __________ if at least one of the basic variable is zero. (A)… Read More
Blind image deconvolution is ____________. (A) Combination of blur identification and image restoration (B) Combination of segmentation and classification (C) Combination of blur and non-blur… Read More

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