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The CPU of a system having 1 MIPS execution rate needs 4 machine cycles on an average for executing an instruction. The fifty percent of… Read More
The equivalent hexadecimal notation for octal number 2550276 is: (A) FADED (B) AEOBE (C) ADOBE (D) ACABE Answer: (C) Explanation: Binary equivalent of octal no.… Read More
The RST 7 instruction in 8085 microprocessor is equivalent to: (A) CALL 0010 H (B) CALL 0034 H (C) CALL 0038 H (D) CALL 003C… Read More
Consider a 32 – bit microprocessor, with a 16 – bit external data bus, driven by an 8 MHz input clock. Assume that this microprocessor… Read More
For the 8 – bit word 00111001, the check bits stored with it would be 0111. Suppose when the word is read from memory, the… Read More
__________ tag is an extension to HTML that can enclose any number of Javascript statements. (A) < SCRIPT > (B) < BODY > (C) <… Read More
Which one of the following statements, related to the requirements phase in Software Engineering, is incorrect? (A) “Requirement validation” is one of the activities in… Read More
Consider a language A defined over the alphabet = {0, 1} as The expression &space;=&space;0&space;\right&space;\}” target=”_blank”>
Which one of the following statements is incorrect? (A) Pareto analysis is a statistical method used for analyzing causes, and is one of the primary… Read More
Which of the following is/are the components of a CRT? (a)Electron Gun (b)Control Electrode (c)Focusing Electrode (d)Phosphor Coated Screen Codes: (A) (a) and (d) (B)… Read More
Consider a unit square centered at origin. The coordinates of the square are translated by a factor (1 / 2, 1) and rotated by an… Read More
Which raster locations would be chosen by Bresenham’s algorithm when scan converting a line from (1, 1) to (8, 5)? (A) (1) (B) (2) (C)… Read More
Which of the following steps is/are not required for analog to digital conversion? (a)Sensing (b)Conversion (c)Amplification (d)Conditioning (e)Quantization Codes: (A) (a) and (b) (B) (c)… Read More
Which of the following is/are the principle components of a memory-tube display ? (a)Flooding gun (b)Collector (c)Phosphorus grains (d)Ground Codes: (A) (a) and (b) (B)… Read More
A bell-shaped membership function is specified by three parameters (a, b, c) as follows: (A) (B) (C) (D) Answer: (B) Explanation: is the bell-shaped membership… Read More